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Vendégház a kertből
Vendégház a kertből
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Our guest house in Keszthely

Family business In Keszthely, for about 30 years, she has owned a mother, a daughter and a son-in-law, and of course the grandchildren of the two boys, who carefully nurture, beautify and beautify the family heritage, the tower building near the lake. With a common determination and strength, the building was renovated and expanded in 2019-2020. The villa has been completely remodeled and has grown into a Provencal-style guest house. The building is located 150 meters from the Helikon Beach on the shores of Lake Balaton in a quiet street with excellent parking and bicycle facilities. The proximity of the restaurants, the wonderful view from most of the rooms and communal areas of the pension, as well as the rooms equipped with all amenities make the Kiss-Henézi Guest House a really attractive place.

Kiss-Henézi Guest House Mád
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Our guest house in Mádi

The Kiss-Henézi Guest House brand started in Keszthely as a family business a few years ago, where the family owned a tower building near Lake Balaton 30 years ago. With a common determination and strength, we renovated and expanded the building in 2019-2020 and the active life of the Kiss-Henézi Guest House brand began. The KISS-HENESIAN GUEST HOUSE is now the latest development in the family.  

Dóri and Gábor fell in love not only with each other but also with the settlement for 16 years, they visited Mádra with their friends several times a year. The 220-year-old house chosen in Mád is located in the center. History pervades its walls. As in the Gallery  can also be seen in his pictures, the building was in an astonishingly ruined, bleak state. Needless to say, the house has been completely remodeled, but all of its old values have been retained in their original condition.

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